MAPP tool update

In October, we updated the online tool Mapp, which is designed for comprehensive management and monitoring of processes according to the E-Qalin quality model in all phases of the evaluation period. The purpose of the update was to increase the transparency and functionality of the tool itself.

The key innovations of the new version are:

  • Simplified evaluation form for moderators;
  • We combined „Manjše spremembe“ and „Projekti“ into one functionality called “Sprememba”;
  • New criteria for the „Pomoč na domu – 4.0 version“ have been added (these will be shown with the new evaluation period);
  • Administrators of the criteria will recieve a messege by e-mail when one of the groups evaluates the criterion;
  • We have added a tab “Izobraževanje E-Qalin”, where users can record the trainings they attended as part of E-Qalin and attach certificates;
  • In the „Analiza“ of „Kazalniki“ step, we added the possibility of determining the target value and trend at each stage;
  • We have added a user button at the top right, where users can change their password, review their completed obligations and find the Print function;

If you are interested in training on the use of the Mapp application in your institution you can contact us for additional information at