Measurement of satisfaction during an epidemic

Given last year’s situation related to the coronavirus epidemic, which fundamentally changed the organization of work and life of the elderly, relatives and employees in retirement homes, we wanted to find out how the satisfaction situation was perceived by all stakeholders. We were interested in whether the respondents felt safe, whether the elderly were well cared for, whether the respondents received enough information about what was happening, whether they thought appropriate measures were taken, whether employees were understanding and what contact opportunities the elderly and relatives had.

The survey found that most seniors felt well cared for, given the situation they all found themselves in together, in the field of nursering and care (86%, n = 866). Most of them also believe that the employees were understanding (85%, n = 838) and that the management has taken appropriate measures to protect residents (85%, n = 864). Around 82% of residents have an opinion (n = 823) that they had sufficient opportunities for remote contact with their relatives.

Satisfaction among relatives about what is happening and satisfaction with services in retirement homes during the epidemic is also high.

A survey among relatives showed the following results: the majority of respondents (88%, n = 903) felt that employees were understanding, majority of respondent also felt that management had taken appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infections (87%, n = 911), respondent felt that the relatives was in safe hands (85%, n = 914) and they had the possibility of remote contact with their relatives (85%, n = 864).

There were also a few complaints from relatives that arose during the open question “would you like to tell us something”. These complaints concerned mainly the fact that they were unable to visit their loved ones, the poorer organization, especially in the early stages of the epidemic, and the lack of information.

A survey of employees showed that 71% (n = 1018) of respondents thought that management had taken appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infections, that they had a sufficient amount of protective equipment at their disposal (71%, n = 1012) and that they were able to find out about things they were particularly interested in (71%, n = 970). Many employees said during the open answer that they wanted to praise their colleagues for fighting together, even though they ran out of energy, and that they showed how good a team they are and that they can rely on each other.

An overall assessment of satisfaction among the elderly, relatives and employees during the epidemic shows that retirement homes functioned well during the epidemic, cared for the safety of the elderly, the flow of information and tried to ensure satisfaction, information and good relations of all stakeholders.