Awarding certificates to new educators of the E-Qalin model for Croatia 2021

On June 10 2021 we attended the certificate award ceremony for new educators of E-Qalin for Croatia in their beautiful island Veliki Lošinj in Croatia.

The meeting was organized by »Zakladi- zajedinački put« organization, which took the lead role in the implementation of quality model E-Qalin in Croatia. The event was joined by the director of »Zaklada- zajedinački put«, Mrs. Ines Vrban, Mrs. Regina Maria Berger, a representative of E-Qalin GmbH – European Association E-Qalin, Mr. Franci Imperl from Firis Imperl, partner for E-Qalin in Slovenia, Mrs. Mateja Hauser, licenced certification company QSocial, upravljanje kakovosti d.o.o., and Jana Štrakl and Tina Klun from Skupina Fabrika d.o.o., which takes care of quality monitoring and performs support process management.

Mr. Franci Imperl from Firis Imperl d.o.o. had a workshop on the topic: Perspectives of the introduction and development of E-Qalin in Croatia. Mrs. Mateja Hauser presented the role of an
external auditor in the process of obtaining the E-Qalin certificate. Tina Klun and Jana Štrakl from Skupina Fabrika d.o.o., presented our role in the E-Qalin model to new educators, with a focus on quality monitoring and the support application Mapp.

Once again, the importance of a good network of business partners has become clear, as we all strive for a common goal- improving the quality of living in retirement homes.