8th meeting of the Heat-to-Fuel Consortium

The 8th Heat-to-Fuel Consortium meeting took place on 3rd and 4th of February 2021. This meeting, like the previous one, was held online as the COVID-19 pandemic was still in full swing. The Heat-to-Fuel project has entered the final phase of its development and, as a result, the meeting itself was full of interesting discussions and coordination among the consortium partners with the goal of bringing the project to a successful conclusion as it has made a great progress over the years of its development.

On the first day, the consortium partners presented the work done in their work packages and the work ahead in order to facilitate the organisation of tasks with all project partners. On the second day, the Steering Committee met and other individual meetings related to the work packages were held.

The whole Heat-to-Fuel consortium hopes that the COVID-19 situation will improve to such an extent that the next meeting will be held again in person, in Florence hosted by the consortium partner RE-CORD.